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Here at CBN we believe business networking should be done differently, better with no pressure and with the right combination of business and socialising. Our passion is the success of our members and we are proud to be a part of that.

Unlike other business networking organisations, we think it’s important that business owners get the right level of exposure for their business. We understand how hard it can be for small businesses and sole traders to get ahead and find customers.  It can be a lonely experience.

There are many other networking organisations out there, all with different formats. As entrepreneurs and small business owners ourselves, we have pretty much attended them all, we’ve experienced good and bad and learned from our experiences. We’ve taken the best bits to form the Cashback Business Network t/a the Creative Business Network or as we are better known CBN Business Network, with the sole mission of giving a business owner the best support possible.

We are called The Cashback Business Network because we believe in customer loyalty. We believe in giving back and we believe in doing the best for our members and our members doing the best for each other, with honesty and integrity. So Cashback is our reward scheme for any member wanting to take part in our loyalty program. It is an added benefit and as a business networking organisation, it’s just one of the many ways that makes us different and better.


Our cashback loyalty program rewards our customers for choosing to shop at another members business. It means that businesses who have joined CBN are more likely to do trade with each other, and their clients are actively encouraged to support members businesses because of our loyalty reward program. Everyone benefits. It’s a win, win.

We understand the power of loyalty and we place value on word of mouth recommendation for all our members.

That’s not all that makes us stand out from other networking organisations, at CBN there’s no pressure to bring visitors, there’s no pressure to bring referrals for other members. We know how precious time is and we believe our members’ time is better spent focused on working in their own business, not being stressed and wasting time trying to find customers for others.

We believe it's OUR job, not our members job ....

We believe as a networking organisation, it’s OUR job to promote our members. It’s our job to find referrals, so we’ve partnered with a Lead Generation Company who actively find leads specific for our memebrs, these are real customers that are ready to purchase a service or product supplied by our members. At  CBN we then go the extra mile to warm the ‘lead’ up by making sure the customer is expecting the call. If need be we send in the golden unicorn

Our members success is what drives us. We thrive on connecting businesses with each other and with potential customers. Their success is our success.


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