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We can't wait to meet you and find out about your business

It is really easy to join a meeting and as a visitor, you can attend up to 3 meetings before needed to join.

Plus, we are doing our bit to help business owners through this difficult time, so we have waived our online meeting attendance fee until June.

We have also put together a number of free resources that we think you might just like, all designed to help you build a stronger business. These include free social media trainings, SEO reviews complete with tips on how to improve and business strategy planning.

Whilst these free resources and more are only usually available to members, as a first time visitor you are able to claim one.

Instructions on how to claim are given out at the meeting:

Step 1

As a visitor, simply choose which meeting you would like to go to.

Due to coronavirus, we are only holding online meetings over zoom and each meeting is limited to 30 people.

Step 2

Once you have decided which meeting to go to, complete the new members registration form.

This tells us about your business, how we can help you and what your ideal lead is.

Step 3

Now that you are booked on and completed the new member registration form, you will receive the meeting attendance instructions and zoom link.

As a first time visitor you will be entitled to one of the free business resources we have on offer

Click the button to find a meeting and book.

Here are 5 benefits of business networking in person and online:
  • Networking builds connections for the future. …you never know who you will meet or who they know.
  • Networking increases brand awareness and gets your name out there. …
  • Networking establishes your expertise. …
  • Networking draws referrals. …not just from the people in the room
  • Networking produces ROI.

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