Unlike other networking organisations, CBN continuously find ways to support members 

Everyone loves free stuff

LinkedIn is a great way to build your business and it’s marketing so why wouldn’t you want to use it for all its worth?

As a member of CBN, we offer FREE LinkedIn training to help you get the most out of the most trusted social network platform for business. 

As a CBN visitor, you are also able to take advantage of one of member benefits such as this free Linked Get Started training. 

How healthy is your website really?

As a CBN member, you can check how well your website is performing and learn what you need to do to improve your sites performance. 

And the best part,  you can check as many times as you like. 

Our 12 page fully comprehensive report will give you all the answers you need to understand how you can get more clients. 

As a CBN visitor, you are also able to take advantage of one of our member benefits, such as the free SEO check. 

Get ahead of the competition

Building a business is hard enough, but with our FREE competitor checker you can start putting practices into place to beat the competition. 

CBN members can take advantage of our free competitor checker that will give them the information needed to get ahead.

Competitor checkers can be run more than once. 

And there's more......

Connecting business is our business.

Supporting our members is our mission and providing them with with more benefits, more training, more free marketing and additional member benefits, we believe is the secret to our success and why we will be the number one business networking in the world. 

Which is why all our members have access to a business recovery plan or business continuity plan when they need it most. 

And there's still more....

When you become a member, you have the opportunity having your own store featured in our marketplace, where members, visitors and members of the general public can shop or engage your services.

All made possible thanks to the hub

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Business networking events are a great way to meet other like minded people. It’s a great way of getting your business out there… building your brand awareness, learning and getting support. 

Come and find out for yourself. 

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If your business needs a boost then come along to one of our meetings and find out how networking with other like minded business professionals can boost your business.

Find out why CBN is so different to any other business networking organisation.