Frequently asked questions

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Here are some of the most asked questions.

What Does CBN Stand For?

CBN stands for the Creative Business Network which is a trading name of the Cashback Business Network Ltd

What is the Purpose of CBN?

CBN is a professional business networking organisation created to bring entrepreneurs and SME’s together to collaborate, share ideas, support one another, give tips and pass business.

Can Anyone Attend?

Yes, any business owner, entrepreneur or professional who has a business. Especially, business owners looking to connect with other business owners,  needing more clients and wanting more business and of course  any new business start up.

Why Do Business Owners Network?

As an entrepreneur, networking is critical because it can seriously catapult a business. In fact, one study states that networking is vital to the success of 78% of startups.

Networking events are a great place to meet a lot of like-minded people at one time and a great place to hone in on your company’s mission statement and really help you definitively determine what you stand for.


Meeting like-minded business people means making new connections. Even if they don’t get a call or email right away, the amount of first-hand connections you make at networking events is incredibly valuable. In fact, 85% of professionals say they develop a more meaningful relationship after meeting someone in-person.

Networking forces an entrepreneur to get out there. We tend to be our own worst critics, and in business, that means being your own worst enemy. If an entrepreneur needs to build confidence and shut out the negative voices doubting their new business, a networking event is the perfect place to start.

They’ll see new faces, hear a plethora of business ideas, and come away with at least a handful of new contacts, connections, and support.

Why Is CBN Different From Other Networks?

Unlike most other business networking events, CBN’s format is very different in that includes the ‘How Can We Help You’ round and for each member that attends a CBN networking meeting, they will receive a free business lead.

There is NO pressure on members to supply referrals, by taking away the pressure, it has been proven time and time again, entrepreneurs are more relaxed and over time, referrals happen naturally.

How Much Does It Cost TO Join?

Membership costs £360 per year or  £240 for a six month membership.

Alternatively,  you can pay for an annual membership in instalments at £40 per month.

In addition to the member fee, there is an attendance fee that helps pay for the meeting room and refreshments. This is £20 for members and £25 for non-members.

We currently have a Joining Offer in place.

As a new member can join for just £180 per year, £120 for 6 months or £30 payable monthly. PROVIDING you sign up before the second meeting you attend.

Can I Visit First?

All business owners and entrepreneurs are encouraged to come along and see what CBN is all about. A visitor can come along for up to 3 meetings before they have to join. This allows enough a time to make a decision.


Is Cashback Paid On All Fees?

Yes. Cashback is paid on ALL fees paid to CBN.

Does Everyone Get A Free Lead?

Only members are entitled to receive a free business lead from CBN.

We try our best to always present the leads to you at the meeting, however, sometimes it may not be possible to do so, for a variety of reasons. Such as, no suitable leads available in the previous 24 hour period.

All leads we give out are ‘hot’ leads, meaning they are no older than 24 hours.

So, if there are no suitable leads for your business at the time of attending a CBN meeting, you will be automatically be allocated a credit. As soon as a suitable lead comes available you will be sent the lead by SMS.

You will never miss out on a lead. But it is important you understand the process, which ensures that all leads given out to you are done so with the best chance of turning into actual business.

What Type of Lead DO I Get With CBN?

You will receive a warm business lead. This is better than a lead or referral.

At each CBN Meeting you attend as a member, you will be offered a lead – this is someone ready to purchase your service or product. If the lead fits your criteria as a business, and you accept the lead, then CBN HO make a phonecall to the potential client to introduce you.

You are then sent a text alert with ALL the contact information and relevantenquiry details. It is up to you to complete the sale.

Is A Lead Definite Business?

Getting leads is the first step of the sales cycle. A lead is someone who is interested as defined above. It is NOT a guaranteed sale.   

However, with CBN Warm Business Leads, it is worth remembering that the customer is looking to buy, your business has been recommended to them. All that is left is up to you to present the business / quote.

Being that your business has been recommended by the CBN team there is a better than average chance that the lead will turn into actual business, whilst not guaranteed.