My name is sean mc sherry

CBN Ireland Executive Host


Many years ago, when I joined the board of Philips Electronics, one of the Directors took me to lunch. As I was so young, he took pity on me. The only memory of the lunch is the advice he gave.
“If you want to survive in this company, at this level, there is one thing you MUST learn to do … NETWORK and with the right people”. I now understand the different types of networking and am happy to share with anyone interested. Feel free to contact me on sean@cbsolutions.eu

Years later managing my own company, I spent most of my time in “Headless Chicken” mode. Firefighting and not focusing on the importance of Networking once again.

So many businesses have great products, great buildings, sales teams, fleets and management BUT can fail because of the lack of my mentors advice … you must be part of a strong, supportive network of like-minded business people, where you can get advice, learn skills, share your success AND of course generate more business.
I am happy to share this advise and chat about how we can help each other … call me on 00 353 87 2433033 or text me !

I have figured out how to
– Network with purpose
– give of myself to help others with my expertise and skills
– combine this with an incredible range of marketing support services, at my fingertips
– access to a global group of entrepreneurial business people, to bounce ideas and learn from.
Right now very few businesses are in a position to pay for all the required professional help.
Get in touch and I can share what Spear Business Solutions and Creative Business Network can do for you.


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